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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

CNS Environmental provides Workplace Assessments; Health and Safety Plans; and Personnel (Worker) Exposure Monitoring in the Industrial Hygiene field. These services are primarily provided for research laboratories, factories, industrial assembly lines & manufacturing facilities.

The information is compiled into a comprehensive final report outlining our findings and recommendations following the investigation(s).

Services Provided:

Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments are provided to determine potential unsafe working conditions and/or unknown illness associated with system operations and/or employee job functions. CNS conducts occupant interviews to determine symptoms and periods of occurrence; review of Health and Safety Plans; training logs; review of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of in-house chemicals; thorough work area inspections; and thorough inspections of HVAC systems, along with building and/or work area pressurization relationships effecting air quality.

Health and Safety Plans

Health and Safety Plans are completed by Certified CNS safety professionals who generate or update a Health and Safety Plan for entities such as insurance companies, contractors, corporations and industrial facilities. Once a Health and Safety plan is in place our certified safety manager provides on-site employee training, OSHA Certifications and/or facility oversight.

Personnel Expsure Monitoring

Personnel Exposure Monitoring entails observing and cataloging work procedures associated with hazardous material handling/processing to determine worker exposure via passive and/or aggressive sampling methods.  Upon completion, CNS will submit a final report containing observations, logs and sampling results with recommendations for minimization of toxicant exposures.

Industrial hygiene services are applied in the following areas

Insurance / Emergency Response
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