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Important Updates to NYC and New York State Lead-Based Paint Laws in 2024 & 2025 (with Training Resources)

NYS - NYC Lead-Based Paint Laws - Updates to 2024-2025

Protecting children from lead poisoning is crucial. Lead-based paint, found in many older buildings, can cause serious health problems.

New York City (NYC) and New York State are implementing new laws in 2024 & 2025 to address lead hazards in residential properties. 

This article is a summary of these key changes and highlights resources to help property owners and managers stay compliant.

Recent Updates to NYC Lead Laws

  • Common Area Testing: As of June 8, 2024, building owners must test common areas (hallways, stairwells, elevators) for lead paint in pre-1960 buildings, and pre-1978 buildings with known lead paint. This uses the same XRF testing method as apartment units.

  • Enhanced Turnover Requirements: Starting September 1, 2024, specific lead-safe work practices become mandatory in pre-1960 buildings, even if there's no tenant turnover. This includes addressing lead hazards in door and window friction surfaces in units with children under six.

New York State Lead Registry

A statewide registry for rental buildings with two or more units, built before 1980, located in designated "communities of concern," is coming into effect. Property owners in these buildings will need to undergo a certification process every three years, verifying the absence of lead hazards.

Why Getting Proper Lead Training Matters

These changes can be complex. Complying with lead-based paint regulations requires proper lead based paint training and knowledge, or you can expose yourself, your workers and others to health hazards, as well as fail to bring your building into compliance if hiring uncertified contractors.

CNS Environmental's EPA Lead Training Courses

We provide comprehensive Lead InspectorRisk AssessorSupervisor, and Worker training programs. Our instructors are experienced professionals, and our courses cover the latest regulations. 

Completing our Initial and Refresher training courses can help you:

  • Understand your lead compliance obligations.

  • Implement safe work practices for lead abatement.

  • Protect yourself and your tenants from lead hazards.

Register for Upcoming Lead Training Courses

Explore our lead training programs on our website or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Lead paint training courses online with CNS Enviro

Initial Courses

Refresher Courses

By staying informed and taking advantage of proper training, you can ensure the safety of your tenants and your compliance with the law.


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